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Office of the City Manager

Weekly Report – October 31, 2020

Normandy Park City Manager
City Manager Mark Hoppen
October 31, 2020

Sea-Tac Noise Monitoring Overview.  You might review the attached presentation from the recent Sea-Tac Advisory Roundtable. The City of Normandy Park will receive a temporary, portable noise monitor for installation at Marvista Elementary after the monitor has been at Nautilus Elementary in Federal Way. You will note that noise monitor information is not used by the FAA for scheduling or flight paths; rather, the FAA only uses modeling information for such purposes. This seems as ridiculous to me as the fact that the FAA is still holding to outdated noise thresholds of 65 DNL, when it is increasingly well-established that noise above 55 DNL damages human beings.

New StART Representative needed.  All local cities, including Burien, Des Moines and Federal Way, are back at the StART table, along with Normandy Park, SeaTac and Tukwila, who never left it. The City of Normandy Park will need a new Normandy Park representative, to serve along with City Manager Mark Hoppen, and citizen StART representative Eric Zimmerman, on the multi-city, multi-agency airport roundtable; Tim Sorenson has vacated his position.  City Council member’s recommendations (council members cannot be members of this roundtable), or interested city residents, should submit applicant names and vitae of potential representatives to City Clerk Brooks Wall as soon as possible. Mayor Hohimer will submit a qualified applicant as her recommended choice to the City Council for review and confirmation, along with all resident applications, after a formal posting and public notice period. In the near future, the StART seat will be formally noticed by the City Clerk with a period for application. But, if you want, you can apply now. Contact City Clerk Brooks Wall with any questions.

New StART Representative needed.”

Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager

City of Normandy Park
801 SW 174th Street
Normandy Park, WA 98166
(206) 248-8246 (Direct Phone)

Weekly Report – November 21, 2020

Enhanced Services Facilities – Siting and Regulations in Normandy Park.  Siting and regulating of Enhanced Services Facilities (ESFs) is a hot-button topic these past few years, recently in Normandy Park. Cities must comply with State statutes for siting and regulation of these facilities. “No ESFs” is not an option under State law.

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Weekly Report – November 14, 2020

We Have to be COVID-19 Careful.  But, we can still have fun, just not in holiday gatherings outside of our immediate households. The city is co-sponsoring holiday activities with community groups like…

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