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Finance Department

A Piece of the Pie

Normandy Park Finance DIrector
Finance Director Jennifer Ferrer-Santa Ines
February 25, 2021

The City’s piece of the pie.

As a homeowner, one of your largest expenses may be your annual property tax bill, which makes it important that you understand where your dollars are going.  Property owners may think the total property tax bill is collected by the City where they reside.  This is only partially true.

A home valued at $500,000 will have a property tax bill as follows:

Estimated Home Value $500,000.00
Per $1000 Assessed Value 500.00
Total Levy Rate $13.26
Total Prop Tax Bill $6,629.61
11% to City of Normandy Park $730.60
89% to Other Taxing Districts $5,899.02


A large portion, 89% or $5,899.02, is distributed to other taxing districts like Highline School District, State School Fund, or Fire District.  The City’s piece of the pie is the remaining 11% or $730.60, which is distributed to the City of Normandy Park used to provide services to the City, which include police, permitting, facilities maintenance, community development, and other functions like administration, finance, and clerk support services.

“As a homeowner…”

Jennifer Ferrer-Santa Ines, Finance Director

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