1st Ave S Overlay Project from SW 174th St to Burien Normandy Park 1st Ave Curb Ramp Retrofit and WW 168th St Drainage Improvements.

The first phase of this project consists of construction of curb ramps at three intersection along 1st Ave South, one curb ramp at the intersection of 6th Avenue SW and SW 186th Street; and storm drainage improvements including new pipe, catch basin, and ditch regrading at various locations on 12th Avenue SW and SW 168th Street.  The 1st Avenue South curb ramp retrofit project is to be constructed in advance of a King County overlay project.

Project Update Monday, August 10th, 2020

Utility adjustments will begin Wednesday, August 12th.  Expect lane closures along northbound and southbound 1st Ave S between S 174th St and S 160th St.

Grind and Overlay to follow utility adjustment starting Monday, August 17th.  Lane closures will continue into the week of August 17th as King County completes road resurfacing project on 1st Ave S.  Traffic control, asphalt trucks, and heavy machinery will be onsite most of the week.

Please contact Public Works Department (206)248-8256 if you have any questions.

Project Update Thursday, July 16th, 2020

King County’s contractor, ICON, will begin pavement restoration work on Monday July 20th, 2020.

This road resurfacing project includes the following areas:

  • 6th Ave SW from SW 186th St to SW 189th St (to include SW 187th St and SW 189th St)
  • 1st Pl SW and 2nd Pl SW south of SW 190th St.
  • SW 168th St from 12th Ave SW to 19th Ave SW, 12th Ave SW from SW 168th St to SW 170th St, and 19th Ave SW from SW 168th St to SW 170th St.

If you would like to learn more about Normandy Park’s Capital Projects, please visit us at https://normandyparkwa.gov/public-works/current-projects/. We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.  Please contact Public Works Director Ken Courter at kcourter@normandyparkwa.gov or (206)248-8269 with any questions.

June 1st – Normandy Park 1st Ave Curb Ramp Retrofit and Stormwater Drainage Upgrade

Work is scheduled to start June 1st and end mid July followed by King County’s Overlay Project.

Project Description:

The scope of this project consists of Schedules A and B.  Schedule A  involves the removal and replacement of curb and gutter, curb ramps and sidewalks along 1st Ave S at SW 164th Pl, S 168th St, and S 170th St starting June 1st.  Schedule B is the removal and replacement of curb and gutter, curb ramps, sidewalk and storm drainage upgrades along  SW 186th St at 6th Ave SW and SW 168th St at 12th Ave SW, 15th Ave SW, and 19th Ave SW.

Expect traffic control flaggers and lane closures along northbound and southbound 1st Ave S and single lane access at all other project locations. At times, driveway access may be limited and everything will be done to assist property owners with access.

We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ken Courter, Public Works Director (206)248-8269 or Jessie Medrow, Environmental Specialist (206)248-8256.

4th Ave SW from SW 183rd St to SW 192nd St


2018 – Normandy Park is awarded grant funding from Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB)

August /September 2019 – 14 ADA compliant ramps were installed to meet the requirements of accepting TIB funding prior to road resurfacing.

October 2019 – 7 new catch basins were installed to meet the maintenance standards set forth by the Department of Ecology.

November 2019 –  Surface preparation to fix cracks, areas of inadequate support, and deformations in the road were repaired to prepare a structurally sound base which is a prerequisite of a final grind and overlay.  Surface preparation does not address flow lines for stormwater conveyance.

February/March 2020 – Highline Water District replaced sections of watermain ahead of the final overlay.

March 2020 – Normandy Park Public Works Crew installed 3 new catch basins to meet the maintenance standards set forth by the Department of Ecology

April 13th, 2020 – King County is slated to complete the final stage of the 4th Ave SW overlay project beginning Monday, April 13th.  Expect lane closures on 4th Ave SW between SW Normandy Road and Normandy Park Drive SW.  Construction is scheduled for 7 working days and may be delayed due to weather.

Water District No. 49 Capital Improvement Project - 22nd Ave SW Water main Replacement 2020


April 13, 2020 – Crews will connect the recently installed water main which will result in temporary water shut downs for some customers. Those affected by water service interruptions will receive notification prior to connection service.

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 – Night Work Cancelled. Normandy Park Municipal Code does not allow for construction between the hours of 9pm and 7am.  For questions or concerns please contact Ken Courter, Public Works Director, at (206)248-8269.

Thursday, April 16th, 2020 – The first of several residential water service shut downs will occur. The shutdown will commence at 9:00am and is scheduled for up to 8 hours with work anticipated to be completed in less than the eight hour allowance.

We are aware of the community’s concerns during the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy proclamation. If special accommodations are necessary due to unique circumstances, please contact the Water District 49 office at (206)242-8535.

Essential Workforce – Public Works Workers who support the operation, inspection, and maintenance of essential public works facilities and operations, including bridges, water and sewer main breaks, fleet maintenance personnel, construction of critical or strategic infrastructure, traffic signal maintenance, emergency location services for buried utilities, maintenance of digital systems infrastructure supporting public works operations, and other emergent issues 

PROJECT SUMMARY – The 2020 CIP Water Main Replacement project consists of the replacement of 4” cast iron main with 8” ductile iron main, replacement of residential water services, replacement of fire hydrants, connection to existing mains, service transfers, and restoration. The water main replacement will occur within 22nd Avenue SW and SW 169th Street between SW 170th Street and 21st Avenue SW, within SW 170th Street between 16th Avenue SW and 19th Avenue SW, and within the cul-de-sac at the 1900 block of SW 170th Street. The project is located in the City of Burien and the City of Normandy Park. The work will be performed in late winter and early spring of 2020.  For more information visit Water District No. 49 District Project website at http://www.wd49.com/projects.html

Sequoia Creek and Walker Creek Culvert Replacement Design

King County Flood District awarded Normandy Park a $200,000 grant to design replacement culverts.  The Flood Reduction Grant will fund preliminary design.  The project will include the design of three existing culverts. in Normandy Park sized to convey 100-year flows.  The culverts will be designed as fish-passable culverts or bridges. The City is currently working with an engineering consultant to prepare a feasibility study and engineering plans.


February 2020 – Surveying and monitoring activities will take place in along portions of the Sequoia and Walker Creeks.

May 2020 – A geotechnical consultant plans to perform their drilling work for the culvert replacement feasibility study.  Crews will implement state guidelines for work allowed at this time.