King County Flood Grant – Surface Water/GIS Position(s)
Full Salary Range $15.00/hour no benefits

The City of Normandy Park is currently recruiting for one full-time or two part-time positions intended for temporary work with limited duration as provided by a King County Flood Grant. These are skilled technical positions responsible for coordinating and assisting in implementation of the City’s Storm Water Management Program.

The employee in this class performs, participates in, and evaluate the City wide inspections of the total City storm water conveyance system, evaluates deficiencies and maintenance needs of conveyance and detention systems, identify illicit discharge connections, map and prioritize these needs in GIS mapping and utilize GPS. The program will rank needs based on Flood Control, Water Quantity and Quality, and consistency with watershed management plans. The storm water conveyance system includes: 34.4 miles of roadway, 9.05 miles of ditches, 27.05 miles of pipe, 1,524 catch basins (type 1 and type 2) and 9 Vault Access MHs, 13 storm water ponds, 8 vaults and 1 tank, 47 outfalls, and 2.17 miles of culverts

Essential Functions:
• Assist in developing and implementing, tracking, and reporting of various City programs including NPDES Phase II Permit requirements such as; field inspections and documentation, illicit discharge location detection and elimination; review TV inspections, map existing conditions into the ESRI GIS data base, identify operation and maintenance needs, field inspect and enter data from the City storm water infrastructure into GPS and GIS data base.
• Investigate and complete reports.
• Develop and maintain surface water database, develops and prioritizes operation and maintenance needs, and develops preliminary project priorities.
• Perform routine inspection of the public and private drainage facilities, and prepare work orders for routine maintenance activities as needed.
• Develop, update and maintain surface water management databases and Global Information Systems mapping systems.
• Assists in the update and implementation of the City’s Surface Water Management Program and other plans and studies as identified.

Knowledge, Education, and Experience:

• Currently enrolled in an ESRI GIS mapping and planning program in higher education.
• Drafting, mapping, and computations.
• Operation of a personal computer and various software programs.
• ESRI GIS mapping software and GPS technology.

Application form can be obtained by visiting City Hall between the hours of 8:30 am to Noon and from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, or via email by contacting the City Clerk at 206.248.8248. Questions regarding the position can be directed to Public Works Supervisor Ken Courter at 206.248.8269. Cover letter and resumes must be accompanied by a completed and signed City of Normandy Park employment application packet. The position(s) will be open until filled. Please mail or deliver application packets to: Brooks Wall, City Clerk; City of Normandy Park; 801 SW 174th Street; Normandy Park, WA 98166. EOE.