August 18, 2018


Tree Education.  Three opportunities for tree education are upcoming in the local community courtesy of SoCo Culture.  Per SoCo Culture, on Wednesday, September 19 at 7pm, a presentation on The Cultural Value of Trees will be presented at Des Moines Odd Fellow Hall, 728 S 225th Street, Des Moines. The presentation will be a panel discussion featuring Joanna de Flores of Forterra, Ken Workman of the Duwamish Tribe, and Linda McClamrock, artist.  On Saturday, October 13, time TBD, at Des Moines Creek Trail, 2151 S 200th Street, a hike will be available,  A Natural and Cultural History Hike through Trees, led by Jim Demetre.  And, on Sunday, November 18 at 2pm, location TBA, interested participants can attend a presentation, What People Can Learn from Trees, presented by Linda Mapes, author of Witness Tree, a Seattle Times environmental reporter based in Burien.  More information is available through the SoCo Culture website,  Also, you might review Amanda Leon’s article The Value of Trees on this website at  Among her many talents, Parks Director Amanda was certified as an arborist for years and will be certified again in 2019.

Sea-Tac Stakeholder Advisory Group Round Table (StART) Aviation Noise Working Group.  On Thursday, August 16, the Aviation Noise Working Group began discussion to prioritize a list of potential actions for StART to explore related to preventing, reducing, and/or mitigating aviation noise from Sea-Tac International Airport.  City Planning Commissioners Ernest Thompson and Eric Zimmerman, both City Council-appointed StART members, as am I, were in attendance with over a dozen representatives from Delta, Alaska, Federal Way, SeaTac, Burien, POS and various agencies.  This small volunteer subgroup of the larger StART group was facilitated by the StART facilitator, Phyllis Shulman, and by a 35-year airport noise analysis and abatement specialist (not associated with POS) who was hired to help facilitate.  Identified for future assessment: runway use agreements, MOUs, runway use reports, night time usage and curfews, optimized profile descents (glide slopes), simulated dispersed corridors (gps guided dispersal as opposed to one tight, obnoxious, gps glide path), and reverse thrust.  All participants left thinking that we might be able to bring something back to the larger advisory group of value.  The consultant was a very candid individual and no participant seemed defensive.  For a discussion/problem solving group of seemingly diverse interests, there was a lot of common energy.  The group will be meeting monthly or more frequently until it can return to the larger StART advisory with something tangible.  The focus will be both on short term and long term improvements, with the emphasis on the short term.

Soundside Alliance Ambassador Training.  On Thursday, August 16, at the Aloft Hotel in SeaTac, the economic development group Soundside Alliance, composed of Normandy Park, Tukwila, Burien, Des Moines, SeaTac, Port of Seattle and Highline College, held a training to develop the skills to market the sub-region to potential business prospects.  Soundside Alliance focuses on increased job growth, retail sales, bank deposits and tax revenues, as well as on retaining local talent, enhancing quality of life, and diversifying the local economy. Becoming an “ambassador” among other things, helps participants identify prospect needs and helps direct prospects to the Soundside Alliance website at The Normandy Park portion of this site is at  Although mostly elected officials attended this initial session, this training will be made available in the future to participants of the city’s Economic Development Committee.


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