December 7, 2018

Normandy Terrace Stormwater line.  Stormwater is being diverted from an archaic cross-lot storm line into a capable in-road storm line on Normandy Terrace. The project is a part of the Rodarte Construction project in Manhattan View and should be completed by the end of the overall project timeline in a week or so.

Manhattan Village Neighborhood Stormwater and Re-paving Project.  The stormwater segment of the project is about to conclude. Obviously, curbs and gutters are nearing completion. Repaving will occur next spring as soon as possible, given that King County’s paving schedule is not particularly subject to city determination.  Property frontage restoration, like landscaping and irrigation, etc., should be completed by the last week in December.  Any questions in this regard should be directed to Public Works Supervisor Ken Courter.

Emergency Management.  An emergency management evening public presentation, hosted by the City of Normandy Park and the Southside Seattle Chamber of Commerce, is scheduled for Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 6:30 P.M., in the main auditorium at the Criminal Justice Training Center.  “What You Need to Know to Survive a Natural Disaster” will be the topic.  Col. Kevin McMahan and staff from Camp Murray, Washington State Department of Emergency Management, will provide the presentation. Camp Murray operations coordinate Washington State natural disaster services and resources.  Residents and business owners from the cities of Des Moines, SeaTac, Burien, Tukwila, and Federal Way, as well as Southside Seattle Chamber members are invited. 


Addresses.  Long-standing errors in Post Office home addresses in the northern reaches of Normandy Park should be corrected from “Burien” to “Normandy Park” in the next couple of weeks.  (King County records and tax identifications have been accurate for a long time.)  Kudos to Receptionist Tiffany who managed to identify the postal employees who actually make such changes; it was very, very clever how she did this!  If you have an address problem, then we can now correct it. And, thanks to the Post Office employees who facilitated the change.


Soundside Alliance Breakfast for economic development.  The yearly Soundside Alliance Breakfast was held Thursday, Dec. 6 at the Four Points Sheridan Hotel in Des Moines.  The slides from the presenters are attached, minus explanatory notes as requested by presenters.  Still, the slides are interesting information about the Greater Seattle Partners, a new regional economic development organization, and about the status of the area hotel market.  You might ask yourself, why the slide about Memphis?  The Greater Seattle area expanded in the last 10 years more than the entire economy of the City of Memphis.  No knock on Memphis, it’s just a statistic…

Soundside PowerPoint Presentation

Conferring with WSDOT.  Next week, WSDOT regional staff will share information with city staff about the video traffic data pertaining to the Manhattan Village area gathered by WSDOT.  Staff will also have an opportunity to learn about new WSDOT crosswalk standards that might help increase the number of crossings along the 1st Avenue corridor.  Additionally, staff and WSDOT will discuss a long-term process for re-design and construction of 1st Avenue, prior to the build-out construction of SR-509 by the early 2030s.  Maan Siddhu and other staff will attend from the Northwest Region office located in the City of Shoreline.  Subsequently, this information will be shared at a City Council meeting.






Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager

City of Normandy Park

801 SW 174th Street

Normandy Park, WA  98166

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