April 14, 2018

City Council Budget Planning Retreat.   Saturday, April 21, 8:30AM – 2:00PM, City Council Chambers.  Breakfast 8:30-9:00AM (pastries – Bakery Nouveau), coffee fruit) and Lunch 11:30-12:15.   Council members, email me a list topics you want to cover at the retreat by close of business Monday, April 16.  Attached is the most recent update of the progress on 2017-18 Biennial City of Normandy Park Operating and Capital Budget goals, which may suggest future goals. The current 2018 Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) is also included for reference.  Note that Council members should be thinking in terms of operating and capital objectives.  Since this is a budget workshop, topic areas should focus on goals and projects than need to be addressed in the next two years, basically, those items that will be in the 2019-20 budget and on the corresponding Gantt Chart.  Most capital planning periods revolve around six year timeframes, so it is also appropriate to think about goals that will take as much as six years to accomplish.  I will facilitate the retreat.


 Later after the retreat, staff will submit project goals for the budget that reflect both Council orientation and project need.  Perfection on the part of Council is not required at the point of this retreat.  The retreat is primarily to gain Council orientations and opinions through agenda-focused discussion.  All department level staff will be at the retreat, unless excused for emergency, except David Nemens, who will be at a national professional conference (at his own travel cost) and who will Skype into the retreat.  While the retreat is open to the public, no public testimony will be taken.  Later in 2018, through both the Budget Advisory Committee and Public Budget Hearings, numerous opportunities for public input on budget proposals and goals will be provided.


I will be including every issue submitted by Council on the retreat agenda, but I will attribute Council member identification in parens to any issues that multiple Council members hold in common.  I will send a consolidated list of retreat issues out for a second round of Council review by Tuesday at the close of business; immediately thereafter, Council members will have a second chance to add items to the retreat list and submit any items to me by Wednesday close of business.  The final retreat agenda will be issued on Thursday by the close of business.

Gantt Chart

2018-2023 TIP Proposed Funding and Programming


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