Staff assists in developing, coordinating and implementing long range planning, including updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Staff is also responsible for implementing specific project, strategic, or master plans as directed by the City Council. Staff drafts and implements legislation and is responsible for researching and analyzing areas of concern. Assignments include Grant Writing, population projections and census projection enumerations; electronic and non-electronic mapping for the city, and other assigned tasks and related activities. Staff identifies issues, projects needs, and assists in establishing policies to achieve declared goals. Staff also drafts plans and associated Municipal Code amendments and helps implement the Growth Management Act (GMA), State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), and the State Shoreline Management Act (SMA). Staff also manages and operates the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS).

Comprehensive Planning


Geographic Information System (GIS)

Shoreline Master Program

Critical Area Ordinance


2016 Comprehensive Plan Update