All full-time Police Department positions, except the Chief of Police, are covered by Civil Service. All hiring is done by a Civil Service Commission testing process that establishes Eligibility Rosters for each position. Questions should be directed to the Civil Service Chief Examiner, 206-248-8248, or e-mail Brooks Wall at

Public Safety Testing conducts the City of Normandy Park’s written and physical agility examinations. Please visit their web site at to complete an application online and to select the testing date, time and location most convenient for you. For further information, call toll free 1-866-HIRE-911.

Reserve Officers Unit

Citizens become Reserve Police Officers for two primary reasons. Many individuals are interested in a law enforcement career, and this position serves as an opportunity to explore and advance towards that career. Second, citizens are otherwise employed and wish to volunteer with the community in an exciting and meaningful way.

Reserve Police Officer is a volunteer, non-paid position. Applications are available at the Normandy Park Police Department, 801 SW 174th Street, Normandy Park WA 98166.

For additional information on the Reserve Officer unit email:

Officer Shawn Hayes –