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City Administration

City Manager

The City of Normandy Park operates as a council-manager form of government. The City Manager serves as the professional administrator of the City and is responsible for coordinating all day-to-day operations. To learn more about Council-Manager form of government you might want to read the ICMA Council-Manager Form of Government brochure.

Duties of the City Manager’s Office

City Clerk

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for maintaining the city’s official documents which include ordinances, resolutions, and all meeting minutes. A majority of time is spent providing various administrative support functions at City Hall such as coordinating City Council agendas, preparation of the City Council meeting packets, and transcribing minutes for City Council meetings.

    Duties of the City Clerk’s Office

    Request City Assistance

    The City of Normandy Park provides customer service that is responsive. This service allows residents and businesses to submit requests for help with services provided by the City staff.

    Please note this is for NON-EMERGENCY purposes only.

    The Citizens Request Form is available at City Hall or you can download the Request Form here. Bring the form to City Hall or email

    the form to the City Clerk.

    For additional information or questions about the Request Form please contact the City Clerk.


    Business Licensing

    Anyone conducting business in the city limits of Normandy Park is required to apply for a business license prior to doing business in the city by submitting the appropriate applications and fees.

      License Required For

      All Commercial Businesses
      Adult Family Homes
      Home Occupation (Type I)
      Property Managers
      Home Occupation (Type II)
      Delivered Goods

      Obtaining a Business License

      Business Licenses Applications can be obtained through the Washington State Department of Revenue. To start or renew your Normandy Park business license please visit the Washington State Department of Revenue

      Peddler’s Permit & Fee

      A Peddler’s Permit is needed with a Normandy Park business license before commencing business in the city.  A Peddler is defined as:
      (1) All persons who, without a prior invitation from the occupant, go from place to place, or house to house, carrying for sale, exposing for sale, or offering for sale goods, wares, merchandise, or services of any type, for present or future delivery.
      (2) All persons seeking to obtain gifts, donations, or contributions of money, clothing, or another valuable thing.
      (3) All persons engaging in activity for which registration is required under Chapter 19.09 RCW, Charitable Solicitations (whether registered with the Secretary of State or not).
      Peddler Permit – $35.00 Fee

      Home Occupation Permits 
      Home Occupation applications will be processed through the City of Normandy Park Department of Community Development. Applicants will need to submit a verified statement that they are the property owner or have consent from the property owner to do business out of the home and property and/or legal description of the site with their business license application and the appropriate fees. Home Occupation Type II applicants will also need to submit mailing labels for property owners within a 300-foot radius of the property. The Community Development Director will make the final determination as to whether a Business License applicant has completed their application appropriately. Information on Home Occupations can be found in the Municipal Code section 18.200.

      For further questions, contact the City Clerk.

      Application Fees

      City license Fee

      • Normandy Park general business license $91
      • Normandy Park nonprofit business license No fee
      • Normandy Park home occupation type I business license $219
      • Normandy Park home occupation type II business license $356
      • Peddler’s Permit fee $35

      Other fees that may apply

      • State tax registration No fee
      • Registering your business name as trade name $5
      • Business License Application fee $19 (non-refundable)

      City Administration News

      Weekly Report – June 21, 2024

      2024 Resident Survey is Complete!
      Thank you to all the residents who took our 2024 Citizen Survey. I am happy to report it closed with 392 responses. Some quick facts about the survey: 384 of our survey responses were submitted electronically. No question received 100% response. Every participant either skipped or missed at least one question.

      Weekly Report – June 14, 2024

      City Council Meeting Roundup
      On Tuesday, June 11th, the City Council held its regular monthly meeting. Here are the meeting highlights to help keep you informed. Park’s Commission Chair Ron Ebbers made a presentation on all the good works of the Parks Commission. The City Council held public hearings on two important planning documents, the Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails (PROST) Plan and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

      Weekly Report – June 7, 2024

      Two Public Hearings scheduled for June 11th — The City Council regularly holds public hearings. These hearings give residents the opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions before the City Council acts on certain topics. On Tuesday, June 11th, the City Council will hold public hearings on the following items: Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails (PROST) Plan – The PROST is ready for City Council consideration. This plan assesses the current condition of the parks, examines the community needs and desires identified in the outreach, forecasts future needs, and most importantly, proposes improvements to city parks, recreation programs, and open spaces.


      Amy Arrington
      City Manager
      (206) 248-8246

      Erin Smith
      City Clerk
      (206) 248-8248

      Common Questions

      What is the value of your tax dollar

      In an attempt to demonstrate the real value of a Normandy Park resident's tax dollar, let us use the following example:

      Assessed Valuation of Home = $600,000 To determine property tax liability, divide the assessed valuation by 1,000 then, multiply by the effective property tax rate:
      $600,000/1,000 = $600.00 $600.00 x 10.39325 = $6,235.95

      The City’s share of the $6,235.95 is $589.50

      Read entire document

      What you should know about Disaster Assistance

      Frequently Asked Questions about Disaster Assistance Things you ought to know, but probably do not want to know! My house is damaged by a natural disaster...

      Read entire document

      Do I live within the Normandy Park city limits

      There are a couple of ways you can determine whether or not you live within the Normandy Park city limits. You can open this PDF of the Normandy Park city map or the latest King County rendering of the city map, and locate your home or street.


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