Report Problems:

  • Potholes
  • Sidewalk Problems
  • Traffic Signal Problems
  • Damaged or Missing Street Signs
  • Hazardous Road Conditions

Call us at 206-248-8269 or
Report the problem using the Citizen Request Form 

Live on a steep slope or ravine?

Many homes throughout this community are located on slopes, ravines, streams and tributaries. For suggestions, BMP’s (best management practices) for these conditions please visit:

Report Burnt-Out Street Lights
For Puget Sound Energy (PSE)

If you notice a malfunctioning street light, obtain the pole numbers from the pole and call 1-888-225-5773 or, report online at

Most streetlights maintained by PSE have a photocell located at the top of the fixture and street light poles have a 12 digit grid number (black & yellow numbering on metal tags) or INTOLIGHT tag (INTOLIGHT logo on metal tag). You will need these numbers to report a street light outage. In addition, a description of the problem and a street address are helpful. If the light is in your neighborhood and you are served by PSE, chances are the light is maintained by PSE.

For Seattle City Light

If you are in the Highlands, North of Sylvester Road and are served by Seattle City Light your streetlight is most likely maintained by Seattle City Light.  Broken street light fixtures and blinking or dim streetlights need to be replaced. If you notice a malfunctioning street light, obtain the pole number from the pole and call:
City Light’s Street Light Repair hotline: 206-684-7056 or report it online at: phone line is staffed from Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, but a message can be left after hours. The sooner you call, the quicker the light will be working again.