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Welcome to Normandy Park Pre-School “Where Kids Grow”

Our Philosophy Statement

That Each Child

  • be understood and appreciated as an individual with unique qualities
  • be treated with respect and understanding
    is encouraged to be self-directed and self-motivated
  • be allowed to learn in creative ways through direct sensory experiences

That the Teacher

  • be knowledgeable of developmental stages in young children
  • be warm, caring, and energetic in his/her teaching style
  • allow children to feel success without pressure
    value the active involvement of parent participation in the child’s learning
  • interact with children to facilitate learning and stimulate thinking skills

That the Curriculum

  • is well balanced, providing opportunities to develop the whole child (physical, intellectual, social, emotional, creative)
  • provides activities that progress from simple to complex in difficulty to meet a wide range of abilities
  • provides a range of activities that encourage the development of thinking skills such as observing, classifying, and evaluation
  • has a strong emphasis on language development by incorporating the language arts (reading, writing/dictation, poetry, song)
  • had an equally strong emphasis in mathematics and science allowing children to learn through their own natural curiosity and wonder of the world about them
  • has planned field trips to complement activities and concepts presented in class
  • provides quality manipulative materials which are stimulating and inviting to the young child


JaVohn Perry
Preschool Director

Finance Director
(206) 248-8251

Common Questions

Do we have to live in Normandy Park for my child to be eligible to attend the school

No. Normandy Park Preschool accepts children from around the community and the greater area.


Does my child have to be potty trained to attend (mostly pertains to the 2’s/3’s class)

No, but it is highly encouraged as teachers need to remain in the classroom.