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Normandy Park Trees

Tree Education Resources

The City of Normandy Park is committed to the preservation and protection of our tree canopy. Trees provide important aesthetic, environmental, and economic benefits and are an integral part of the City of Normandy Park’s character. To better serve our residents, we have provided tree education materials written by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Tree Canopy Assessment

In 2018 King County Conservation District (KCD) provided the City of Normandy Park with an Urban Tree Canopy Assessment as part of their South King County Tree Canopy Assessment Initiative. Below you will find links to the full report, a two-page factsheet, and KCD’s interactive tree canopy map.

Common Questions

Does Normandy Park have a Tree Ordinance

The City of Normandy Park does not have a tree ordinance, but property owners and tree services do have requirements that pertain to tree removal. Property owners are not required to have a permit for cutting down trees on their private property unless the trees are in a critical area, on a city easement, or if the property owner desires to do land clearing or grading or filling. For more information please see NPMC 13.20.

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