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Civic Center Survey – Final Results

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In August of 2022, a proposition needed to fund the construction of a proposed Civic Center went to the ballot and was unsuccessful. This winter, the city created a survey to gather feedback and to help understand the “why” behind your vote. We had a fantastic response to our survey and collected nearly 559 responses! We have heard from you and read all your comments. A central point we learned was that those who voted “no” did so because they thought the plan was too expensive. We understand that as we move forward, the city must reduce project costs. We have listened to you and sincerely thank those who completed the survey.

[To View Final Survey Results]




Kari Kurtz
Finance Director
(206) 248-7603

Common Questions

Do I need a permit to build a shed?

A permit is not required if the shed is under 200sf.

Do I need a permit to remove or prune a tree?

Read through this Public Assistance Memo PAM#007: Tree Removal to determine if you need to apply for any permits. If you are still unsure, please contact the permit center via phone or email.

How is gross floor area ratio (GFAR) calculated?

GFAR is calculated based on the sum of the floor areas of all floors of the principal use building(s) and all accessory buildings divided by the total area of the zoning lot.

In residential zones, floor area includes the floor area within accessory buildings and excludes:

  • the floor area within breezeways;
  • uninhabitable attic space;
  • basements that do not daylight; and
  • up to 600 square feet of garage space.

In the NC and MU zones, floor area excludes:

  • floor area devoted to parking;
  • elevators, staircases, escalators, and mechanical spaces;
  • exterior decks, porches, and arcades open to the air; and
  • floor area devoted to public amenities.
How long are permits valid?

Permit expire two years since the date of issuance. 


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