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Economic Development Committee

Tourism on the Horizon

Kathleen Waters

April 11, 2018

The Seattle Southside Tourism Symposium 2018, enriched our enthusiasm and resolve to place Normandy Park on the horizon for tourists, airport travelers, relatives visiting the northwest, friends from all over the world and those close to home. Rick Steves enlightened those attending with his wise commentary on the abundance of rich human experiences offered by tourism, especially in offbeat, out of the limelight locations. Locals are often a source of surprising conversation, suggestions and give travelers a sense of the community that isn’t offered in the most popular tourist venues.

We have our sights set on upping Normandy Park’s ante to join Des Moines and Burien as a place for people to stay overnight for the natural beauty of our trails, parks and beach. In this peaceful setting they will enjoy the opportunity to have lodging, get a bite to eat and pick up a needed item in one of the local shops or stores. Our city’s B & B’s and Airbnb’s will be joined by an Inn or hotel when our endeavors are fulfilled. For example, travelers on lay-overs at Sea-Tac, relatives and friends in town for weddings and Cove events, dignitaries of all stripes and airline crews who want a new perspective on layovers will find our verdant neighborhood parks and salty beach a welcome contrast to International Boulevard. Some will be very pleased by the Concerts in the Park!

A destination restaurant is also in our plans. Most diners are looking for more than one high quality regional spot to relax and enjoy fine food with friends and associates. Local farm produce, dairy products, wine, beer, meat and of course, seafood offer ample opportunities for creative and skilled chefs to serve up the best possible regional food in a unique area away from the bustle of busy and noisy large commercial neighborhoods.

Tourism relies heavily on presenting experiences that people enjoy, learn from, create memories and transform perspectives. Successful inn and hotel stays are an essential part of a guest’s comfort and safety. Food, shopping and sightseeing opportunities are also an integral part of tourism. Normandy Park is positioned to offer travelers a hub that expands their options beyond the city through proximity to light rail, freeways and the Metro station in Burien. Coming back from a busy day of sight-seeing, a small city atmosphere is a relaxing contrast to crowds that one may encounter in the popular places a big city offers. Trails, walks and refreshing parks offer an amenity that seldom accompany a hotel room.

Seattle Southside tags the larger south end community as Seattle’s Back Yard, an apt description for our neighboring cities and us. The EDC is on track to improve our economy through several important avenues – we are working toward measurable successes that will build on the city’s current stable status to build a bigger revenue stream that will sustain and embellish our financial coffers.

“Our city’s B & B’s and Airbnb’s will be joined by an Inn or hotel when our endeavors are fulfilled.”

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