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Pavement Preservation Projects 2023

Jessie Medrow
May 3, 2023
Normandy Park 168th Westside Ramp

Project Description

The scope of this project consists of two phases:

Phase 1

Stormwater Improvements and Sidewalk Improvements will take place throughout May and June in preparation of the King County Overlay Project.  The city has contracted with Reed Trucking, Inc. to complete this phase of the work.  

START DATE: May 18th

Phase 2

King County’s contractor will complete 2023 Pavement Preservation work.  King County has not yet provided the city with a proposed schedule.  


Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Public Works Director Ken Courter (206) 248-8269 or Stormwater Coordinator Jessie Medrow (206) 248-8256.

Phase 1 Sidewalk Improvement Locations – See Map

Phase 2 Paving Locations:

6th Ave S (at S 218th St)

2nd Ave S (at SW 200th St)

SW 196th St (at 1st Ave S)

Phase 1

Expected Start Date:

Expected Completion: Date:


Ken Courter
Public Works Director
(206) 248-8269

Jessie Medrow
Stormwater Coordinator
(206) 248-8256

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