The Park Commission consists of seven volunteer members who are appointed for 7-year terms. The Park Commissioners meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The Park Commission is responsible for advising the City Council on subjects referred by the City Council, City Manager or matters the Commission feels are important regarding the expansion and operation of the city parks and recreation programs.

The Park Commission has the duty to advise and recommend to the city council regarding the planning, promotion, management and acquisition, construction, development, maintenance and operation, including restrictions on and compensation to be paid for concessions or privileges in the city parks and recreation programs.

Current Park Commission Members:

Steve Higgins

Commissioner, Position No. 7

Aimee Lloyd

Commissioner, Position No. 3

Ron Ebbers

Chair, Position No. 1

Scott Salzer

Vice Chair, Position No. 4

Jenny Love

Vice Chair, Position No. 6

Mary Ann MacKay

Commissioner, Position No. 2

Bill Vilonza

Commissioner, Position No. 5